Hi everyone,

Recorded guitars this past weekend with Steve Valenzuela for Tonisha Weaver’s new pop/rock track which will appear on the new Marley & Me prequel/sequel soundtrack.  We needed a specific Fender Telecaster sound, so I hired a $65,000.00 (had no idea it was worth that much till I collected it!), 1952 Fender Telecaster (all original hardware!) from Brett Allen Studio Rental (top bloke, top gear, look him up). The guitar of course, sounded amazing.  I also used my trusty Gibson Les Paul.  Can’t beat the feel of your own guitar.  I’m beginning to sound like a right geek now, so I’ll shut up.

Tonisha is a great young talent who has appeared frequently in Disney’s Hannah Montana and various commercials etc.  Look her up on Google or Facebook.


Sim x