Los Angeles Touring Guitarist | L.A. Live!

Los Angeles Touring Guitarist | L.A. Live!

Playing at the amazing Yogi Lonich‘s gig (of Buckcherry, Chris Cornell etc) in L.A. tonight (Weds 10th April 2013) with “King Chris” exclaiming at me to “Play that motherfucker!” mid solo. Good times!

*Update* Just found this: Video clip of me playing at Yogi Lonich’s gig in L.A.


Los Angeles Touring Guitarist

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LA Session Guitarist | Updates

LA Session Guitarist | Updates

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to give a quick update as to what I’ve been up to and what’s in store for 2013.

So far so good, I have continued to write music in the studio, bashing out lyrics and tunes.

As well, I have been practicing with the phenomenal Pete Friesen (Alice Cooper guitarist), he’s been a great source of inspiration.

Next month, I have planned a trip to LA, to continue songwriting, recording, collaborations and auditions.

Check back soon to catch up with all the fun.

Sim x

London Session Guitarist | London Calling

London Session Guitarist | London Calling

Been back in London for a few weeks now, sticking around for Christmas etc and working on new music in my recording studio.  Recovering from a night out last night at The Groucho.  Coincidentally, out of the blue, I turned my chair around and was sat next to my L.A. house mate Lorenzo!  We started talking and it made me realise how much I miss L.A. Lorenzo Cosi happens to be a really good up and coming producer (

Whilst in L.A. I was also fortunate enough to hang out with producer Sean Beavan in his famous studio called The Blue Room.  I had a great time with Sean, whilst he was mixing an album by band from the U.K. called Binary.

It reminded me of all the great times I had in L.A and how much I can’t wait to be back and see you all soon in 2013!

Sim x

Los Angeles Session Guitarist | Photoshoot | Downtown LA

Los Angeles Session Guitarist | Photoshoot – Downtown Los Angeles

I have longer hair! So time for the obligatory new photoshoot (handy for website/auditions etc) after flying to Los Angeles!

Dawn Bowery ( did such a fantastic job on last year’s shoot, so I hired her again! (No pressure Dawn). She delivered the goods though! Hurrah!

The first location was at an old historical house (hence the indoor shots), then rolled on an abandoned building Downtown where murderers definitely don’t store their victims corpses in cold storage. It was good fun and we nearly got beaten up by the arts police (not really).

Also “mega” thanks to my friends Ken and Bobby for helping out.

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Los Angeles Session Guitarist | LA Update

Los Angeles Session Guitarist | LA Update 2012

They said “Make an update, or else the bunny rabbit gets it!”  So here’s my update (no bunny rabbits were harmed during this update).

I’ve been in LA for a while now.  In my first week I was fortunate enough to check out The Paramour Mansion which is an amazing place.  The interior design is the best I’ve seen in LA.  I also met U2’s producer Mark Howard who was very cool.  Been auditioning lots for tours and even though August is pretty dry, I’ve been recording lots.  A few weeks ago, I recorded on an 80’s sounding Cure-ish track which someone required guitars for at a studio in Laurel Canyon.  That was fun.  Randomly, the actor who played Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies was in the studio the day before.  In other Laurel Canyon action, a “party scene” was being filmed in the Hollywood Hills and I was asked to play some rock guitar during said scene and basically play guitar solos.  T’was fun!

I was recently offered some potential acting work and needed some “emergency headshots” all info of which can be found on my Facebook page here.  I also had a great new music photo shoot and will post the pictures as soon as I get them.  On a separate note, I have been asked to “act” as the guitarist in a band for a film.  Will see what happens, but that’s all I’m saying for now.

Been recording lots for a joint project with my friends Giac (Oscar nominee!) and Steve Sidelnyk (ex Madonna, Seal, Annie Lennox etc).

A few nights ago, I met Dizzy Reed from Guns N’ Roses which was fun.  He and his wife were extremely nice.  Check out the Instagram (follow me on there!) photo here.

I also got to hang out with Ioan Gruffudd (Fantastic Four/Titanic/Black Hawk Down/Horrible Bosses), top bloke.  Check it out: here.

Bye bye till next time,

Sim X

Cavendish Arms Photos (and video) – London – 16th March 2012

Check out the Video page for footage of “Me And My Shotgun”.  Thanks to everyone who came out to the gig and cheers to Lucy for the photos.  From the feedback we got, it was the best gig we’ve played so far…






London Session Guitarist | Proud Galleries Photos | Camden | London

London Session Guitarist | Proud Galleries Photos – Camden – London – 15th January 2012

So here are a few shots from the gig we headlined at Proud Galleries in Camden over the weekend.  I had a look and ended up impulse buying the leather jacket from The Stables Market before the gig (thanks Lucy!).  When I went back to buy it, the guy who owned the shop was nicely buzzed and insisted I played air guitar with him to rock songs on YouTube, haha.  The gig was great and I might put up a video or two from this gig soon X





London Session Guitarist | Blackstar Amplification | “The Deep Burrito” etc

London Session Guitarist | Blackstar Amplification | “The Deep Burrito” etc



When I came back to my studio in the UK, only one of my three amplifiers were working. Nevertheless, I purchased my new workhorse amplifier from Blackstar Amplification directly. The guys were really nice and gave me a great deal. The Series One 50 head and cab. Seriously the most versatile amp I have ever used, and can’t wait to melt faces when I gig it for the first time this Friday in London.



In other news, mere mortal guitarist Sim joins LA group The Deep Burrito (just a band for fun!) founded by Oscar nominee Giacomo Belli (bass, programming and tonnes of other wizardry!) which also features super drummer Steve Sidelnyk (Madonna, Dido, Annie Lennox, Seal, David Gray, MTV VMA’s etc etc etc).



Auditions / Track Updates

Been going for a bunch of guitar auditions out here.  I was recently considered for X Factor USA.  How cool is that?

Some cool people I have met on the audition circuit have included Carlos Santana’s son (really nice guy and a great musician with some killer tunes) and Dillon Campbell (son of Glen Campbell).  Dillon’s tunes are cool and you should definitely check them out.

Also, from the vast feedback I’ve had from industry pros, a lot of them will be happy to know that old tracks My Secret Enemy and Addict are now available solely as instrumentals.  Check them out in the audio or showreel sections.  The keys and organ playing from producer Thomas Johansen is ace…

Will also keep you posted on when Tonisha Weaver’s song I recorded guitars on for the “Marley and Me” sequel/prequel soundtrack is available.

Sim x

Movie Soundtrack Recording

Hi everyone,

Recorded guitars this past weekend with Steve Valenzuela for Tonisha Weaver’s new pop/rock track which will appear on the new Marley & Me prequel/sequel soundtrack.  We needed a specific Fender Telecaster sound, so I hired a $65,000.00 (had no idea it was worth that much till I collected it!), 1952 Fender Telecaster (all original hardware!) from Brett Allen Studio Rental (top bloke, top gear, look him up). The guitar of course, sounded amazing.  I also used my trusty Gibson Les Paul.  Can’t beat the feel of your own guitar.  I’m beginning to sound like a right geek now, so I’ll shut up.

Tonisha is a great young talent who has appeared frequently in Disney’s Hannah Montana and various commercials etc.  Look her up on Google or Facebook.


Sim x