Life After ACM (Academy of Contemporary Music)

Being an ACM Alumni, I had the pleasure of showing them around Los Angeles and some of what I’ve been up to since studying at ACM. Check it out!

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2018 Update

I moved to Los Angeles in 2017 and now I am living here permanently, I wanted to say what I’ve been working on.

At the moment my time is split between working in a number of really cool studios with various artists (see my about page), writing for placement music, auditioning, teaching privately and jamming.

Here is the set up of pedals and my Orange Dark Terror amp (will post it here soon). I also shipped over my Lowden O10 acoustic guitar.

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Queen Kwong European Tour – Winter 2015

Had so much fun working on the Queen Kwong (Carrè Callaway, Wes Borland, Fred Sablan and Hayden Scott) European Tour, 2015 just before Christmas. We did The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, Wales, Scotland and England. Check out some of the highlights below:



Barfly in Camden tonight! 7 doors

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Star Wars with these two ding dongs last weekend @thewesborland @fredsablan #TheForceAwakens #ComeToBrazil

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Back in L.A. Blew off some cobwebs playing guitar in Malibu, CA last night with Jagger Lips:

Here’s a track I recorded guitars on (including synth guitars) for Jared Scott (2014 Grammy nominated engineer for Kendrick Lamar’s album) / Vertex Sounds, featuring the talented Allison Rabel on vocals which found its way online today:


Also, for no good reason at all, here is a photograph of a cat called Nelly sitting on my guitar case:photo-4More to follow.  Don’t stay tuned.

A week with my mates Queen Kwong

Recently spent a week with my mates from Queen Kwong (Carrè Callaway, Wes Borland, Fred Sablan and Hayden Scott) who flew over from Los Angeles to play a week’s worth of gigs in London. We got to go to BBC Radio 1’s Maida Vale Studios and they recorded in John Peel’s legendary Studio 4. Was a bonkers week and can’t wait to see them all again soon. Check out some pics below:











I’m now also playing guitar for LA based band Nightswim with singer Fin Leavell who’s previous bands were Against All Authority and The Summer Obsession (Virgin Records).  Looking forward to writing and melting some faces off at some gigs and on radio when I get back to LA.

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Los Angeles Session Guitarist | Placement music

Los Angeles Session Guitarist | Film music / TV music – August 2014

Just signed a deal with a very prominent placement company in Los Angeles along with my friend Jared P. Scott (who is a 2014 Grammy nominee!) to compose placement music!

Los Angeles Session Guitarist |Auditions | Sex Pistols | More!

Los Angeles Session Guitarist | Auditions | Sex Pistols | Publishing – April 2014

Got back to L.A. recently and hit the ground running.  Had two high profile auditions which were fun and met some great people along the way. After one of my auditions, I walked round a corner and bumped into Gene Simmons, the singer from KISS which was hilariously random, haha.

Was also lucky enough to bump into Sex Pistol, Steve Jones at my house the other week. Only in L.A. eh?  Nice guy and talked guitars lots!

Before heading back to L.A. I had a few last minute projects in the U.K. that came in via my publisher.  I headed to an East London studio to record on a few reggae tracks which was great fun, then at my home studio in the U.K. I recorded for an artist based in Canada and e-mailed everything over just in the nick of time to catch my flight to L.A.!

Los Angeles Session Guitarist | Taylor Hawkins | Nikki Sixx |Rock|Rap|Reggae

Los Angeles Session Guitarist | Taylor Hawkins | Nikki Sixx |Rock|Rap|Reggae – June 2013

Just a quick update on what I’ve been up to recently.  I’ve been recording with an awesome producer Jared P Scott for an up and coming rapper he’s working with and have been recording some rock guitar for this project.  It’s all sounding pretty damn good! Expect some big announcements…

Also working on a reggae publishing project in collaboration with producers from the UK, US and Canada which has some reggae legends singing on it.  That’s all I can say for now…

Also hugely looking forward to playing some gigs soon! Stay tuned…

Oh, and I also got to hang out with Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters and Nikki Sixx of Mötley Crüe.  That was pretty cool!  Click the thumbnails of the pics below:


Los Angeles Session Guitarist


Los Angeles Session Guitarist


Los Angeles Touring Guitarist | Music Weekend

Los Angeles Touring Guitarist | Music Weekend In LA LA Land

Had a great impromptu jam/demo session on Saturday with my friend Kass (who produced a few tracks for M.I.A.) after bumping into him in L.A.  We went to our friend Aaron’s studio at Third Ear Productions up in the Hollywood Hills in Laurel Canyon and had some great fun.  Kass is also a great drummer.

Here’s a couple of photos my friend V took of me, playing live today on Sunday (via Instagram @simrinphull).