Los Angeles Session Guitarist | Auditions | Sex Pistols | Publishing – April 2014

Got back to L.A. recently and hit the ground running.  Had two high profile auditions which were fun and met some great people along the way. After one of my auditions, I walked round a corner and bumped into Gene Simmons, the singer from KISS which was hilariously random, haha.

Was also lucky enough to bump into Sex Pistol, Steve Jones at my house the other week. Only in L.A. eh?  Nice guy and talked guitars lots!

Before heading back to L.A. I had a few last minute projects in the U.K. that came in via my publisher.  I headed to an East London studio to record on a few reggae tracks which was great fun, then at my home studio in the U.K. I recorded for an artist based in Canada and e-mailed everything over just in the nick of time to catch my flight to L.A.!