Los Angeles Touring Guitarist | Music Weekend

Los Angeles Touring Guitarist | Music Weekend In LA LA Land

Had a great impromptu jam/demo session on Saturday with my friend Kass (who produced a few tracks for M.I.A.) after bumping into him in L.A.  We went to our friend Aaron’s studio at Third Ear Productions up in the Hollywood Hills in Laurel Canyon and had some great fun.  Kass is also a great drummer.

Here’s a couple of photos my friend V took of me, playing live today on Sunday (via Instagram @simrinphull).












Los Angeles Touring Guitarist | L.A. Live!

Los Angeles Touring Guitarist | L.A. Live!

Playing at the amazing Yogi Lonich‘s gig (of Buckcherry, Chris Cornell etc) in L.A. tonight (Weds 10th April 2013) with “King Chris” exclaiming at me to “Play that motherfucker!” mid solo. Good times!

*Update* Just found this: Video clip of me playing at Yogi Lonich’s gig in L.A.


Los Angeles Touring Guitarist

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