London Session Guitarist | London Calling

Been back in London for a few weeks now, sticking around for Christmas etc and working on new music in my recording studio.  Recovering from a night out last night at The Groucho.  Coincidentally, out of the blue, I turned my chair around and was sat next to my L.A. house mate Lorenzo!  We started talking and it made me realise how much I miss L.A. Lorenzo Cosi happens to be a really good up and coming producer (

Whilst in L.A. I was also fortunate enough to hang out with producer Sean Beavan in his famous studio called The Blue Room.  I had a great time with Sean, whilst he was mixing an album by band from the U.K. called Binary.

It reminded me of all the great times I had in L.A and how much I can’t wait to be back and see you all soon in 2013!

Sim x