Auditions / Track Updates

Been going for a bunch of guitar auditions out here.  I was recently considered for X Factor USA.  How cool is that?

Some cool people I have met on the audition circuit have included Carlos Santana’s son (really nice guy and a great musician with some killer tunes) and Dillon Campbell (son of Glen Campbell).  Dillon’s tunes are cool and you should definitely check them out.

Also, from the vast feedback I’ve had from industry pros, a lot of them will be happy to know that old tracks My Secret Enemy and Addict are now available solely as instrumentals.  Check them out in the audio or showreel sections.  The keys and organ playing from producer Thomas Johansen is ace…

Will also keep you posted on when Tonisha Weaver’s song I recorded guitars on for the “Marley and Me” sequel/prequel soundtrack is available.

Sim x

Movie Soundtrack Recording

Hi everyone,

Recorded guitars this past weekend with Steve Valenzuela for Tonisha Weaver’s new pop/rock track which will appear on the new Marley & Me prequel/sequel soundtrack.  We needed a specific Fender Telecaster sound, so I hired a $65,000.00 (had no idea it was worth that much till I collected it!), 1952 Fender Telecaster (all original hardware!) from Brett Allen Studio Rental (top bloke, top gear, look him up). The guitar of course, sounded amazing.  I also used my trusty Gibson Les Paul.  Can’t beat the feel of your own guitar.  I’m beginning to sound like a right geek now, so I’ll shut up.

Tonisha is a great young talent who has appeared frequently in Disney’s Hannah Montana and various commercials etc.  Look her up on Google or Facebook.


Sim x