Studio A last night at EastWest Studios watching @PinkFloyd backing singer Durga McBroom record on a track we'd all worked on.  Back in Los Angeles! Permanently! I live here now. Bloody knackered though. Here's a photo of me jet lagged. ➡️ @LucyPhull  Super proud of @JenningsCouch and his band playing a fantastic set at @TheBedfordPub tonight in preparation for their @SXSW show at Stephen F's bar. If you're in Austin, go and check them out! #SXSW #SXSW2017 #JenningsCouch  #PaganTree ➡️@LucyPhull #HappyChristmas
 Obligatory post because I'm working in a recording session somewhere. To be fair, this 1952 Gibson 335 was amazing to play (thanks Pete) with the amazing @lesismore1 at the helm. Scroll through for the other pictures. Or don't because this is the best one.  #KiteBase with @CherPinero in #London last night  #MoreBass  Kendra and Ayşe of melting our faces (and brains) off at the end of their European tour. You missed a great gig #kbeuropetour2017 #kitebase  I spent yesterday in a recording session in #Hollywood using batshit crazy plugins, an EBow, my Les Paul and the modified Telecaster David Gilmour gifted to my friend Les. Dave had it modded to feature a five way pickup selector, an out of phase switch as well as some other Dave voodoo. Plays like a dream. Taking the #RedEye from #LAX #LHR tonight @VirginAtlantic
 Music video. Isn't it.    Mind blown. That was amazing. The sheer amount of work this band put into their efforts is ridiculous. #PinkFloyd @PinkFloyd @DavidGilmour @PinkFloydTMR Glad I got to see this before I go back to LA.  Just taking a walk. #ChimneySmoke #BritishWeather ☁️ #NationalTrust
 Had so much fun playing with the Dogtown Allstars at Venice Beach tonight    #Repost @lucyphull with @repostapp ・・・ @simrinphull Game on!   The giant prick in the sky


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@ElonMusk Auto wipers finally/AP2 next software update? Need when I visit home. Rains LOADS in UK. It’s why it’s so green unlike here in LA!
- Sunday Oct 22 - 5:40am

@BBCNews @AllieHBNews #20p
- Friday Oct 20 - 9:52pm

@longwaveromesh Try asking on Brits In LA group on Facebook. Depending on how long, some good sub let apartments ou…
- Friday Oct 6 - 5:31am

@realDonaldTrump Hey moron! Type moron into Twitter today & see what happens. Then have a gander at what you find,…
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@elonmusk #LAX - #LHR in 30 mins? Cool beans. I'm sick of 10.5 / 11hr flights.
- Sunday Oct 1 - 6:34am