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@HiddenCash If the Belgian one is actually made in Belgium, then that one.
- Wednesday Dec 4 - 2:48am

@PoliticsJOE_UK @realDonaldTrump People wanting to vote Tory for the sake of it don't want to hear this or for some… https://t.co/yVShaRopjL
- Tuesday Dec 3 - 7:11pm

@tyreleadercouk It's been more than 7 working days, no delivery and no response from two messages sent via the website.
- Tuesday Nov 26 - 1:43am

@blowers1969 @LuckyHeronSay @jeremycorbyn My friend is a landlord of multiple houses and is voting Labour even thou… https://t.co/UkgI6OFY3A
- Monday Nov 25 - 4:10pm

@jo_publik What a blabbering idiot.
- Monday Nov 25 - 12:24am